Leonor Gusmão


Leonor Gusmão is currently a Professor in the Biology Department at the State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is also a Research Consultant of Population Genetics group of IPATIMUP, Portugal, and a member of the ISFG executive Committee where she is currently acting as treasurer. Leonor is also the Associate Editor of the Forensic Science International: Genetics. She received her diploma in Biology from the University of Porto, Portugal in 1990, Masters Degree in Cellular Biology from University of Coimbra, Portugal in 1993, and PhD in Biology / Population Genetics from the University of Porto, Portugal in 1997. Her research is focused on population and forensic genetics using recombining and non-recombining markers and in kinship testing using autosomal and X-chromosomal markers. Current projects include the study of paternal and maternal ancestry of Southeast Brazil; the genetics of pigmentary traits and correlation to ancestry in the Brazilian population; evaluation of different strategies to estimate ancestry in admixed populations from South America; outlining the ancestry landscape of South American Admixed
and Native populations (including populations from Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru). Leonor is also involved in Training Programmes as invited lecturer and Member of the scientific commission of the Master’s degree course in Forensic Genetics from the Faculty of Sciences from the University of Porto and as Permanent Professor of the post-graduation program in Biosciences from the UERJ.